Sammy and Grammy
in Downtown Savannah
Maxine Pinson

Marty A. Barnes

What Makes​​
Sammy and Grammy
​a unique children's book?
    Not only is this a story about a devilish little squirrel that will make children, as well as adults, laugh out loud, but it also incorporates rich Southern lingo and valuable “life lessons” to be gleaned. In addition, Sammy and Grammy provides a “sneak peek” into what it is like living inside of one of Savannah’s “tall houses,” as tourists often refer to Savannah’s Historic District’s nineteenth century townhouses and row homes. And, of course, lots of action takes place, with Sammy, within the Pinson’s walled “secret garden!”

      Below are some of the words and phrases providing hints to “life lessons” others say they have learned from Sammy and Grammy.  An “Ask Grammy” e-address is even included in this book so that children may share their own personal thoughts about what they have learned from this book and/or ask “Grammy” for photos of the real Sammy.

   “Hint” words include: appreciation, showing off, greediness versus sharing, making mistakes and apologizing, forgiveness, respect, arrogance, awareness, valuing what is important to others, encouragement, enjoying life in one’s own backyard, caring about and enjoying God’s critters and creation, the enjoyment of sharing time together.

   ​​  "Pick up this book and meet Sammy, the clever, funny and ornery squirrel who entertains and often baffles a family with his antics. I know Sammy will charm you, because I met him one afternoon in a secret Savannah garden and witnessed his feats of derring-do. But Sammy and the family also learn some very important life lessons.
     A delightful read for children and parents."

  --Marty A. Barnes is a former writing professor,            newspaper reporter, managing editor; freelance writer, novelist, and a part-time history tour guide and docent at The Davenport House in Savannah, GA.

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Included at end of Book to Promote
Discussion with Children...