Sammy and Grammy
in Downtown Savannah
Maxine Pinson


My name is Ayele. I like to play the piano, play golf with my Papa, draw, read, play video games, watch t.v., color, write stories, imagine, and (very rarely) play outside.

I enjoy school a little bit. My favorite subjects are recess, lunch, art, computer lab, and math. My best friends' names are: Jonathan, Phoebe, T.J., Gavin, Colin, Logan, Phillip, Hayden, Liam, and Kade. I don't have a favorite color; I like them all. I hope to be a tailor when I grow up. I want 3 kids and a mansion. Plus, I want centillions of books and cars. 

I have a big family.
 My mother works as a physical therapist assistant. Before he retired, my Papa was a lawyer! My Grammys is an author.  Since I have such a big family, on my dad's side, we are having a big family reunion in Indiana and in Michigan this summer. I may possibly also go to Canada. With my mom, I'm going to Montana to see Old Faithful and the BOILING RIVER. I may also get to see THE BACTERIA LAKE. My sisters' names are Celia and Ember.

There will soon be more on my website, so check back! Thanks for reading.


P.S. Like I said, I am going to have MORE on my website, including some of my artwork and, maybe, some sample pages of my stories.

"Zombie  Showdown"
by Ayele
(March 29, 2018)
"Molecules of Life"
drawn by Ayele on his Etch 'n Sketch
"Molecules of Life"
drawn by Ayele on his Etch 'n Sketch
"Molecules of Life"
drawn by Ayele on his Etch 'n Sketch
(Jan. 2018)