Sammy and Grammy
in Downtown Savannah
Maxine Pinson

(for a limited time only)

Sammy and Grammy
in Downtown Savannah

per copy (+ s&h)


Saturday, April 21, 2018

1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

326 Bull St.
Savannah, GA 31401

Saturday, September 15, 2018

10:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Sammy and Grammy 
in Downtown Savannah
to be Read by Special Guest and Local Author
Maxine Pinson
on Main Stage of Islands High School

(with FREE coloring sheets for kids)

 Book Signing to follow!

170 Whitemarsh Island Rd,
Savannah, GA 31410


Savannah Author, Maxine Pinson,
Sammy and Grammy in
Downtown Savannah

to Mrs. Rowell's 2nd grade class
at May Howard Elementary School on


Savannah Author Maxine Pinson reading her new children's book,
Sammy and Grammy in Downtown Savannah, to 160 third graders 
at Hesse K-8 School. She was assisted by her husband, Bill, and grandson Ayele, who were in charge of displaying the original artwork created for the book. A Q&A session followed about "Life Lessons Learned" from the story. Each child received a "Sammy" coloring sheet and book mark to take home to remind them of the story.


Savannah Author Maxine Pinson 
Interviewed on National Reading Day, Jan. 23, 2018
on WTOC's "Mid-Morning Live"
​(click link below to view)

(EXCERPT below from a Letter to Editor in the
Savannah Morning News on 2-20-18;
click link below & scroll down to 3rd letter to read letter in its entirety.)

Children need to read early, often

     A Savannah author recently provided such a program to over 150 third grade students at Hesse when Maxine Pinson read her newest book, “Sammy and Grammy in Downtown Savannah,” the story of an ornery squirrel who takes up residence in a secret garden. But Pinson didn’t stop there. She asked the children what life lessons were learned by Sammy’s antics, then challenged them to explain their thoughts through a writing and art con- test. Awards were given for first, second and honorable mentions in each category, and every third grader went home on Valentine’s Day with a specially designed val- entine from Sammy himself, which contained the life lessons he had learned from his misadventures: KTCH, or be kind, be truthfu​l, be courteous, be happy.

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Sammy and Grammy in Downtown Savannah,
a limited release, may be purchased at select
locations in Savannah or purchased 
from this Website
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Shown above in the "Local Authors" section of
 E. Shaver Booksellers

Also available at:
Davenport House Museum GIft Shop, Ex Libris,
The Kehoe House, The Marshall House, 
Candler Hospital Gift Shop, LoCost Pharmacy, St. Josephs Hospital Gift Shop, Scribble Art Studio, Village Walk Pharmacy (Skidaway Island)

Savannah Author Maxine Pinson
at a Book Signing for
Sammy and Grammy in Downtown Savannah
with grandson Ayele, daughter Malyssa,
and granddaughter Celia.
The "Dying Art" of Writing Thank-you Notes to Express Gratitude is NOT Dead Yet!
Note from author: ​​ After a friend of mine
sent her young friend Ellie, who lives in New York, a copy of Sammy and Grammy in Downtown Savannah for Christmas, she  received this endearing note.
THANK YOU, Ellie, from both of us!

Excerpts from Notes Written to Author of "Sammy & Grammy"
by third-graders after she read her book to them on
"World Read Aloud Day" (see photo above)

 Thank you for coming to our school to read your amazing book for "World Read Aloud Day." Your book is really, really good, and I wish you had another book you could read aloud to us. If you do have a second book to read to us, I know it will be great because of how awesome the first one is. --K
Thank you for coming to our school to read to us. Was it hard to do the book, because the book is great and fun. I really enjoyed the book and wish you would read it to us again. --A   

Thank you for reading your book to us and to me. It is really good. I like it a lot. I love it so good that I want my own book, and I love it so good that I want to make my own book. Thank you.  --K.
Thank you so much for coming to read to us. I like your book a lot. I want to read it again, and I want my very own book. --C
​I would like to thank you for reading us that wonderful book. I found it very interesting.  --B   
It is so cool and nice  you read to us, even though you didn’t have to. The book is so good , and I want my own copy. It is so good. Thank you. —L

 Thank you for making the book Sammy and Grammy. I really like your book, and I would love a copy of it. You are super good at making life books about what has hap- pened in your life, so please make more because I enjoyed Sammy and Grammy. So, keep making books so you can read them to people. —H ​

 Thank you for reading that wonderful book. That was the best story ever. I hope you make another book and read it to the 3rd grade again! —A
 I think your book is the best. I’m really happy you came to read this special book of yours. Thank you for coming to our school. --H

Thank you for coming on “World Read Aloud Day.” I love your book that you read on “World Read Aloud Day.” I would give the book a huge, huge, huge smiley face. I love your book so much. It inspires me to write my own book!                                                                                            --S
 I love the book you made. It is unique and wonderful. Thank you so, so, so, so much for coming. I love your book better than Dog Man, and those are popular books. But yours is more popular, and Sammy is so cute. I love it! I like how you made it creative, and I hope you make more books.  —A



To Read the Winning Answers and to View the Winning "Sammy" Artwork, click the link below: